These are the guidelines for Xiaolin Showdown Fansite.

01. No spamming, no advertisements, stay on topic.

02. No posting pornographic/illegal material (this includes enticing violence and threats that is clearly not RPG related)

03. No repetitive threads on already existing topics.

04. Be descriptive of your thread titles. Don't title your threads, "Anyone else think..." It's good to know exactly what the topic is about before clicking on it.

05. Do not troll, bait or harrass other members.

06. Avoid reviving old topics unless you have something important to contribute.

07. No promoting any political agenda, including lgbt. This isn't the site for that and the last thing we want is this forum to become another tumblr.

Lastly, it is important to understand that you must be 13 years or older before joining. Depending on how serious or persistent it is, breaking these rules will result in a possible ban or your account getting deleted.